Created by five European associations, COSMOS is the highest standard of certification available in the cosmetic industry and is recognized in over 150 countries. This certification guarantees that their products are truly organic.


Created to ensure that a set of quality assurance practices are executed, the GMP certification guarantees the quality and safety of their products.


Their products are certified cruelty-free which is why you will see the iconic Leaping Bunny logo on their products. This logo guarantees that they do not conduct any animal testing.


This certification ensures that we meet the Fair Trade social, economic and environmental standards which help support farmers and workers as well protect the environment.

About Nelly De Vuyst skincare

Originally from Europe, the Nelly De Vuyst products are now manufactured in a GMP-certified laboratory in Canada and continues to be held to the highest and most rigorous European Union quality standards which remain the most demanding in the cosmetic field. The Nelly De Vuyst laboratory carefully adheres to the highest standards which forbid the use of many commonly used controversial ingredients as well as animal testing.

Nelly De Vuyst technology

The effectiveness and performance of the Nelly De Vuyst products is based on a revolutionary technology: The Diadermic Method™. This technology maximizes the synergy of active ingredients and delivers them to their target cells starting from the superficial to the deeper layers of the skin. The Diadermic Method™, in combination with the active ingredients derived from biotechnology, allows a specific corrective action on the skin, delivering spectacular results

Why partner with NELLY DE VUYST?

  • 45 years of proven results!
  • Proudly manufactured in Canada
  • Ecocert COSMOS certification
  • Produced in a GMP-certified laboratory
  • Certified by Health Canada
  • Cruelty-free
  • Fair-trade
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable packaging

Pacifica MD is an affiliate with Nelly De Vuyst

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