Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy & Anti-Aging Medicine

Are you suffering from symptoms of low testosterone and / or thyroid dysfunction? Anxiety, brain fog, weight gain, ED, muscle wasting and low libido are all symptoms of a possible hormonal problem.  This is not uncommon as testosterone decreases by 1 to 3% after age 30 in most men. Thyroid problems are also more common as we age. We now know that an optimal hormonal balance will impact the development of many illnesses such as insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease and cognitive decline.
Don’t let hormonal imbalances rob you of your quality of life. Book your complimentary phone appointment today with a medical doctor who is experienced in treating hormonal imbalances in mid-life, and beyond. During this 15 min. phone call Dr. Crisci will determine if you would benefit from a comprehensive hormonal and functional assessment based on your symptoms.
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Comprehensive Hormonal and Anti-Aging Consultation for Men

Who it’s for:

  • Men with symptoms of low testosterone and / or thyroid dysfunction.
  • Men at risk, or concerned about, cognitive decline, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease, insulin resistance or diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.
  • Men who want to live better, longer!

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your hormones and biomarkers known to impact your health and longevity*.
  • Optimization of:
    • Testosterone
    • DHEA
    • Thyroid hormones
    • Cortisol levels
    • Insulin levels and insulin resistance / prediabetes
    • Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk 
    • Vitamins and essential elements levels


  • 45 min personalized consultation with Dr. Crisci
  • Professional recommendations tailed to your particular situation and symptoms
  • Unlimited email communication with Dr. Crisci

Note: the practice of BHRT, anti-aging or functional medicine isn’t considered ‘essential’. As such, the physician visits and procedures aren’t covered by your health card. However, all health expenses, including tests, should be tax-deductible – check with your accountant.

*Depending on your symptoms, medical history and risk factors the physician may recommend some tests that aren’t covered by MSP (your health card). Some of these tests are payable directly to Lifelabs at the time of the collection. Other tests may also be recommended and aren’t covered by MSP, such as iodine and other essential elements, heavy metals testing and diurnal cortisol rhythm.